Arduous Course with Notable Contributions
1907 - 1953
Cradle of Rubber and Plastics Machinery
1953 - 1960
1960 - 2006
Reform and Development
2006 ~
Arduous Course with Notable Contributions
DXS was formerly known as the Dalian Ironworks that was founded in July 1907.
Former Site of Works
In 1947, the plant was officially taken over by the people’s government for support of liberation war.
High-pressure Boiler Produced by Dalian Chemical Plant for Gunpowder Production
In 1950, DXS assumed the task to manufacture road construction machinery for support of War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea making prominent contributions to the victory.
Twelve steamrollers were successfully made within merely two months.
In 1953 when China lacked petroleum resources, the plant took on the heavy responsibility of petroleum machinery development as the technical equipment supplier for the national large-scale economic construction, which made distinctive contributions to northwest oilfield development.
Truck-mounted Rig
Cradle of Rubber and Plastics Machinery
In 1955, China’s first XK-560 open mixing mill was successfully trial-manufactured to lay foundation for the transformation to rubber and plastics machinery as the plant products.
The first XK-560 open mixing mill manufactured by our plant is still in service at the rubber factory.
In 1955, China’s first rubber internal mixer was successfully developed, which laid foundation for the orientation toward large and complete sets gradually in domestic automotive tire industry.
China’s First Rubber Internal Mixer
In 1958, China’s first XY-4r1730 rubber four-roll calender was successfully trial-manufactured. The history of large rubber machinery equipment manufactured by China was created since then.
China’s First Rubber Four-roll Calender
In 1958, China’s first SJ-38 plastic extruder was successfully trial-manufactured as the first chapter in the development history of domestic plastic machinery equipment manufacturing industry.
China’s First Plastic Extruder
The plant officially changed its name to Dalian Rubber and Plastics Machinery Factory as the beginning of DXS brand in April 1960.
The plant was based at No.1 Zhoushuizi, Dalian
In 1964, the first SY-4r1730 large plastic four-roll calender of China’s own design and manufacture at contemporary advanced level was successfully trial-manufactured, which made contributions for the development of China’s agriculture and light industry.
China’s First Plastic Four-roll Calender
In 1971, China’s first Twin Mold Shaping Curing Press that reaches the world advanced level then was successfully trial-manufactured at our plant.
China’s First LGD-B80A55 Hydraulic Radial Twin Mold Shaping Curing Press
In 1982, China’s first SJ-65×30 Mulch Film Unit was successfully developed, pioneering domestic agricultural plastic film coverage technology.
China’s First SJ-65×30 Mulch Film Unit
In 1991, DXS successfully developed the large rubber four-roll calender unit, national major technological equipment project, and was honored by the leading group of state council major technological equipment.
China’s First Large Rubber Four-roll Calender Unit
In 1992, the rotor of mixers and large extruder screw of ethylene engineering installation received joint acceptance of expert panels simultaneously from state council major office, SINOPEC, Electrical and Mechanical Department, etc. was laid ever since. The foundation to manufacture large extrusion granulator unit domestically was laid ever since.
The Big Screw of Ethylene Mixer with 300,000 ton Output
Innovation and Development
In 2006, DXS ranked in the list of Top 500 China Mechanical Industry Enterprises and Top 10 China Rubber and Plastics Machinery Enterprises. Awarded as Excellent Exporting Enterprise of China, it has become an export base for China’s rubber and plastics machinery.
Honored as “China Top 500 Machinery Enterprises”
In 2007, DXS initiated the relocation and renovation project that boosted competitiveness on an overall basis, laying a solid foundation for adapting to the future development strategy.
Aerial view of DXS Main Plant
In 2008, DXS developed China’s first steel cord calendering unit successfully and ranked in the list of Annual Top Ten Pieces of News in China’ rubber and plastics industry.
China’s First Steel Cord Calendering Unit
Successful acquisition of Canada Macro in 2010.
Plant of Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.
In 2010, successful commissioning of China’s first large mixing-and-pressing granulator unit with 200,000 ton annual output was achieved. It symbolized that the major technical equipment, the only one had not realized localization yet in domestic ethylene engineering, accomplished all-round nationalization of component manufacturing from the possession of independent intellectual property rights.
Large Mixing-and-pressing Granulator Unit with 200,000 ton Annual Output
Successful acquisition of Czech Buzuluk a.s. in 2012
Plant of Czech Buzuluk a.s.
In 2012, Dalian Daxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Changxing island processing and manufacturing base), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DXS, went into operation officially.
The Launch Ceremony
In 2017, DXS established market and customer oriented organization mechanism for the most qualified and powerful self-adaptive organization and management model with all the strength.
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